Monday, September 16, 2013

Terrible/terrific Twos

well, gee, that really sets you up for success, huh?
don't get me wrong. i'm pretty much in the middle of this loverly milestone and i can't tell you how many days i spend thinking that things couldn't be any more terrible. then this funny little thing happens, when that spunky little 2yr old in your life says or does the most terribly terrific thing, that all wrong doings are erased and all you can think is, "this is my person! that i created! how did i get so lucky?!" and it's like a back-and-forth game that you can't escape. i can't even say i look forward to three because obviously every age has it's challenges. 
so, i find myself here. taking it day by day. we're currently in the all-i-want-is-daddy month which followed the very wet month of potty training. it's comical, really, just how ugly certain days can be but i'm writing this pointless {really} post to remind myself to focus as much as possible on the terrific rather than the terrible.
^^^ the obsession is real ^^^


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