Thursday, October 3, 2013

taking stock

^^whats a blog post without photo's??^^

Making : plans for the upcoming season
Cooking : kale. breakfast, lunch and dinner. i manage to put it in everything. {which reminds me of the brian regan cranberry joke!}

Drinking : at home starbucks coffee in my reusable starbucks grande cup. because, you don't have to twist my arm for .10 cents off future drinks.<- that's a deal, right?
Reading: god of the underdogs written by my pastor, matthew keller and dad is fat by jim gaffigan **insert laughing with tears emoji**
Wanting: a new camera
Looking: forward to a drop in the weather
Playing: in puddles
Wasting: too much time on pinterest
Fixing: up the house. lord knows this project will never end.
Deciding: what to do for our anniversary
Wishing: i had more time/patience in a day
Enjoying: lucca's perfect posture when sitting and stealing sisters toys
Waiting: the last hour before rodrigo gets home is the worst
Liking: the freedom i have of a potty trained child
Wondering: how many diet dr. peppers i drink in a month
Loving: the god of the underdogs series at church right now.
Learning: photography
Considering: making my way down to the farmers market
Watching: the new girl
Hoping: to make a 2014 goal and stick to it. {fun fact. i have never, ever made a new years resolution}
Marveling: at how big my little girl has gotten. blows my mind.
Needing: to start folding laundry
Smelling: the cinnamon brooms at the grocery store
Wearing: no pants. what's new? relaaax i have a robe on. i like to channel my 80 year old man on lazy days.
Noticing: freckles. 
Knowing: all the words to peter pan
Thinking: i wish we had a local apple orchard
Feeling: a little drained
Admiring: single moms.
Buying: a birthday gift
Getting: rid of all of my old nail polish
Giggling: a whole lot with friends lately and loving it
Feeling: the need to simplify 


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