Friday, May 31, 2013

we're ready for you, summer

with memorial day just having passed and the weather reaching it swampiest so far, the moreira's are officially ready for summer! that means, parks, pools, kites, and bubbles galore! (just to mention a few) and an upcoming trip to disney! i'm squealing with excitement. except we recently watched jim gaffigan's standup, mr. universe, and the disney skit. . . i about died. annabella has also been having a blast. how can she be in the funnest (<- that's a word?) stage of her life and also the most defiant? she seems to think she knows best. the answer to everything is, no. 
"hey, annabella, do you want to wear your red or yellow shoes?". . . "no."
"hey, annabella, where did you put your teacup?". . . "no."
"hey, annabella, baby lucca is too little for you to ride him like a horse.". . . "no."

thrilling stuff, i know. she's also been cracking us up lately. instead of sleeping with teddy bears, her choice toys to snuggle with are two iphone cases i'm not using. she sleeps with them in hand and that's where they are when she wakes up. she's also started calling all her toys 'dude'. and my personal favorite- her giggles have never sounded so sweet. i love my little girl. though not so little anymore.

looking at these photos from the park last week makes me want to live outdoors. we have to get better about going later in the day after daddy comes home. A is allergic to sunscreen and if we go any earlier, it's like the sun makes it a point to cook her sweet little cheeks to  medium rare. ouch. i also chose the absolute WRONG outfit. the dress and hat i had worn all day was fine until the wind decided to hit with full force the second we hit the playground. so in between chasing my hat and keeping from flashing football players in the field, i was able to snap a few shots.

^^ just a coupla cute bums^^

 ^^ don't let that sweet smile fool ya. she's super bossy at the playground^^
 ^^ luckily this one was so big, it was like she had it all to herself^^
^^earlier that day just after i ate his cheeks for lunch // happiest baby on the planet. i swear.^^

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

a day at the park

this past saturday we packed our bags, strapped in the kids, and headed to the park. it's so easy to live in paradise and take it for granted. let me tell you it was a good one. when i think about the past couple of years with A i can count on one hand how many times we've been to the park. so, before the weather threatens to melt us all like snowmen in mexico, i'm going to try and make it as often as i can. plus the fact that A was initially terrified of the swing made me realize homegirl needs to get out more often.
the weather was nice and breezy and the sounds of kids giggling on the playground could lift anyones spirits. we have a little play date coming up this weekend and i'm so excited about it! when you spend most of you're time with no adults, you tend to carry on many one sided conversations in your mind and every chance i get i try to think about how i can be the best mom i can be. truly there is no one answer but i've learned that getting on my kids level really helps us understand each other and opens up a whole new way for us to bond. i just love having these little kiddos to love on, play with, and watch grow. makes for one sappy mama.

 ^^ this little one is allergic so sunscreen. naturally, ice cream is the next best remedy for sun.
sidenote** mother's day is this sunday and i'm sort of super excited about it. all you out there with your moms around, don't let them wash a single dish! ;)