Saturday, December 22, 2012

mid day pregnancy blues with a side of cheering up

not totally sure if there is such a thing and prepartum blues but if so, i think i had it for about 6 hours yesterday. i called husband about 5 times. apparently my need to cry incessantly spares no mercy at the fact that he actually has to work at his job. thankfully, the second i started basting myself with makeup (that's just how it goes when i'm pregnant in the winter) and put on some pants on... good grief, i spent the whole day in a robe and no pants!! well, then, things started to turn around. i took A to church with me to go through our christmas service rehearsal and 'carol of the bells' has got to be her new favorite jam. even though she heard it 3 times, she still clapped and cheered as if we were front row and center at a trans siberian orchestra concert. every. time. 
she was so easy going, we decided to risk going out to a restaurant past 8:00 pm.. i know! i'm looking forward to today seeing as it will be the first saturday we have spent together without being out of town in over a year! yay for family time :) happy christmas weekend to you and yours. 
here's a couples pics from the random-ness lately  
 run, don't walk to the gap for this stick on polish!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

oh, hey december!

my heart is still heavy with the events of yesterday. and though it's necessary to take some time and pray for little lives lost and hurting and broken families, i also take this time to realize how blessed we are. great home, marriage, healthy kids, and i vow to enjoy every minute of it until my least breath!
throughout the month of december, we've gotten a christmas tree, decorated her, named her carly, told A not to touch her at least a thousand times, attended many christmas and birthday parties (with more to come), and just tried to slow down and soak it all in. 2013 is going to bring many.. MANY changes around here. the end of the year is always bittersweet. if i could whine and pout and get my way, the holiday season would never end. but i guess that's why we look forward to it so much.

^^ there's a bit of carly and a little snippet from our chrsitmas card pictures^^

golly. look at that beard! what a stud. i have a rule that he can't shave it. no way jo-sé.
 the tightest hug a thirty-pounder could push out. brb. melting.
merry christmas {right around the corner} ya'll!
**side note: the fact that it gets dark so early means we can never take pictures with enough natural light. hence our reddish toned skin. so let out a sigh of relief, my friends. you don't need your eyes checked, the time just needs to change back asap.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

a post about my favorite little

this kid. 
she's the coolest member of our family. the filling to my oreo, the glitter to my polish, the cheese to my mac, and the joy that fills such a huge part of my heart! i've learned so much in the 23 months of being her mom. 

-i've learned that i will never look as good in my accessories as she does {why do i bother?!?}.
-there's a place in her heart for jake from 'jake and the neverland pirates' i could never take.
-same goes for elmo.
-no amount of nutella is ever enough .
-i can see little pieces of her character and personality that, i swear, are giving me glimpses into the future.
-her favorite words and sentences are: awight!, e you pants? (where are your pants?<-- is this not a normal question in your household?), boom! (for when she fist bumps you), amella (annabella), we daddy? (where's daddy)- to where she responds to her own question by saying either, "work, home," or "potty", and "sa-moo-moo" which apparently means watch-me-dance-with-my-butt-to-the-side.
-no kid on the planet can love their daddy as much as she loves hers.
-she's well aware of how lazy her parents are when it comes to diaper changes. she literally does her business and looks at one of us and says, "not it!". shoot. surely she should do her time in diaper changing before wanting to call 'not it'!
-her prayers.. i'll give you and idea of what they look like: "jesus, mumbles mumbles, rambling and more rambling. AMEN!"- i'm pretty sure that's the stuff gold is made of.

in the crazy and in the precious, i love being your mom, A. 
love, your non feeler/sentimental mama turned gushy slob and a half.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

tips for taking great family photos

while wandering around blog land this week, i came across this post on for tips on how to take great family photos. what i love about this is that it's just how i like mine- casual and kinda candid and all over cute!
read more here!