Saturday, December 22, 2012

mid day pregnancy blues with a side of cheering up

not totally sure if there is such a thing and prepartum blues but if so, i think i had it for about 6 hours yesterday. i called husband about 5 times. apparently my need to cry incessantly spares no mercy at the fact that he actually has to work at his job. thankfully, the second i started basting myself with makeup (that's just how it goes when i'm pregnant in the winter) and put on some pants on... good grief, i spent the whole day in a robe and no pants!! well, then, things started to turn around. i took A to church with me to go through our christmas service rehearsal and 'carol of the bells' has got to be her new favorite jam. even though she heard it 3 times, she still clapped and cheered as if we were front row and center at a trans siberian orchestra concert. every. time. 
she was so easy going, we decided to risk going out to a restaurant past 8:00 pm.. i know! i'm looking forward to today seeing as it will be the first saturday we have spent together without being out of town in over a year! yay for family time :) happy christmas weekend to you and yours. 
here's a couples pics from the random-ness lately  
 run, don't walk to the gap for this stick on polish!