Saturday, December 15, 2012

oh, hey december!

my heart is still heavy with the events of yesterday. and though it's necessary to take some time and pray for little lives lost and hurting and broken families, i also take this time to realize how blessed we are. great home, marriage, healthy kids, and i vow to enjoy every minute of it until my least breath!
throughout the month of december, we've gotten a christmas tree, decorated her, named her carly, told A not to touch her at least a thousand times, attended many christmas and birthday parties (with more to come), and just tried to slow down and soak it all in. 2013 is going to bring many.. MANY changes around here. the end of the year is always bittersweet. if i could whine and pout and get my way, the holiday season would never end. but i guess that's why we look forward to it so much.

^^ there's a bit of carly and a little snippet from our chrsitmas card pictures^^

golly. look at that beard! what a stud. i have a rule that he can't shave it. no way jo-sé.
 the tightest hug a thirty-pounder could push out. brb. melting.
merry christmas {right around the corner} ya'll!
**side note: the fact that it gets dark so early means we can never take pictures with enough natural light. hence our reddish toned skin. so let out a sigh of relief, my friends. you don't need your eyes checked, the time just needs to change back asap.


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