Tuesday, June 11, 2013

tea time

one of my favorite things about having a little girl is a partner for tea parties for a lifetime! my sweet friend irina planned a tea party at her house last week for a few of us mamas and our little girls. little did we know that mother natures fury would strike southwest florida and in the midst of almost a weeks worth of non-stop rain, we were hit with a tornado warning. **you can watch what our church staff and summer staff did to survive the storm HERE. hilarious. 

we decided not to cancel and i'm so glad because the number of consecutive days i had spent in the house with two kids was insane. no one should ever stay home more than three days. ever. i mean, it's just the kind of stuff to make you go bananas. A insisted on leaving the house pants-less (she's really into being nearly naked these days) and with her flips flops but i had to step in and teach her that's not proper tea attire. so, i, with my tea time-iest dress, and she, with her puffy skirt, braved the rain.  we were so excited to go but it seemed like by the time we got there she remembered she was a two year old. and the terribleness of said two year old's age made its appearance. 

after many, "no, annabella. you have to share.", "be patient. the tea is not ready, yet.", and "you may not eat someone else's banana." type conversations with her, we finally got all the girls to sit for a total of 6 minutes and sipped our delicious teas.

 ^^pretty bummed i never got a group shot of all the girls but then again the success rate of that photo would have been like a 4%^^

 ^^traded her tea for a juice box.. surprise surrrrrprise^^

 ^^look at those crumbs. like a true lady^^

^^despite this super challenging stage in life, i love this little girl to the tips of my toes^^

here's to many more {successful} tea parties :)


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