Saturday, April 27, 2013

did you say, homeschool?

since the last time i've posted, our little man arrived! and my, what a dreamboat he is. his little smiles and big coo's make my heart explode. but that's not what i'm here to write about today. i do plan on sharing his birth story soon.

somethings that i have noticed in the short time of being a stay at home mom is that it requires a certain kind of selflessness, gift, and calling. you are a work in progress, always learning, growing, and changing. i think about what i thought it would be like. picture it- diaper bags loaded, littles in tow, A running around in her bathing suit and saltwater sandals at the park, me nursing lucca under a nice tree that provided the perfect amount of shade-not a drop of sweat... yeah right, florida. ::glass shatters::

when i was a sleep deprived mess, these ^^^ were the kind of non sensical thoughts that would run rampant in that good ol' brain of mine. my days couldn't look more different. i have to drag myself and the kiddos out of the house (twice a week is a our version of a raging social life). lucky to make it out without a temper tantrum thrown and a feeding schedule gone out the window. but i must say, i have never learned so much about myself and even my daughter than in these moments. for the past couple weeks i've been finding myself searching for more. cause if this life is going to be crazy, we may as well make it intentional and work on ourselves! i started doing some a ton of research on maria montessori and her amazing teaching method. i love the idea of my toddler learning through practical everyday activities that let her become more independent by giving her meaningful work to do – especially individualized work that’s freely chosen and uses child-size tools and activities that engage her attention. 
the few things we've started doing around the house like A opening her own snack, picking flowers, puzzles, and scooping out her own yogurt, have given her such satisfaction and i'm learning right along with her. in the couple of days we've spent trying to implement this lifestyle change, basically, i've fallen in love with my daughter all over again. she truly loves to learn. in turn, i've fallen in love with being a mom again, like i'm finding my groove in all of this, ya know? you often see parents pushing their kids in a direction they don't always want to go in, trying to relive their own childhood. my situation is so different from that. i don't remember much of my childhood so when i think about how blessed i am to take care of my two little ones, i see the world in a whole new light and want to make sure they make the best out of every situation. looking at the world through their eyes and soaking it all in has given me a new appreciation for our daily surroundings and i want to take full advantage and learn right along with them. this week we will be cleaning up and preparing the environment for montessori at home. this new journey will be an exciting one. not without its ups and downs, of course... she is a two year old after all... but exciting nonetheless.  
we took a few snapshots from our time outside sitting under a nice tree that provided the perfect amount of shade. go figure.

 these two couldn't be or look anymore different^^

here are the links to where i've been spending most of my time learning on what steps to take for montessori homeschooling.


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